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People who have read my books, particularly "The War of Art" and its cousins, have a vague idea of the odyssey of a particular solitary guy, wracked by guilt and riven by self-doubt, as he struggles toward his destiny as a writer. But they have only the scantiest conception of the particulars of that journey.

These particulars, I'm hoping, may be of use to others as they wrestle with their own version of that same odyssey.

So let me try to strip it down. Let me tell the parts I normally leave out.

From Chapter One - GOVT CHEESE



"Steven Pressfield's Govt Cheese is a Down and Out in Paris and London for our time. A memoir told with equal parts humility, humor, and heartbreak, Pressfield takes the reader on his twenty-seven-year odyssey, imparting the most elusive of traits, not just for the artist or writer but for us all-wisdom."

Jack Carr
Former Navy Seal, and the #1 NYT bestselling author of the James Reece "Terminal List" series.

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